What separates us from other design firms is our brand exclusivity through several furniture lines which are showcased in our showroom, close and long relationships with manufacturers, high intuition level for determining customer design requirements, and of course, our very extensive experience catering to the needs of extraordinary clients who desire something truly striking and sensational.

Our design team is highly skilled in creating high-end custom designed environments in any theme. Window treatments are from the richest fabric materials. Stylish home and office décor could be in classic or contemporary style including crocodile leather, Swarovski crystals and precious metal inlay. You can trust us to choose the best of the best of everything and arrange it in a way that you will fall in love with your home or office.

Our design collection is a wonderful overview of everything that is new, different and original in the field of interior design and window treatments from Europe, particularly Italy. New ideas, inspired combinations of materials and unheard of stylistic creations, give life to a vast and professional selection of furniture for Offices, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms and Bedrooms. We also carry an amazing selection of textiles, fabulous selection of accessories to choose from, as well as, custom made in-house made couture art.

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