We transform homes and offices into elegant and comfortable places of living and being. We have been in the interior design business for over 25 years serving Boston, New York, Washington D.C. and Florida areas, and have been featured in numerous design publications and several HGTV programs.

What separates our business from other interior design firms is our brand exclusivity through several furniture lines which are showcased in our showroom, our tremendous experience in design, construction and remodeling, as well as, advanced formal education in architecture and engineering. We are independent and self-sufficient with high intuition level for determining customer design requirements. Our very extensive experience catering to the needs of extraordinary clients who desire something truly striking and sensational also makes us stand out as premier experts in the field of interior design and interior decorating.

Our design team is highly skilled in creating high-end custom designed environments in all themes. Window treatments from the richest fabric materials and stylish home and office décor in classic or contemporary styles including exotic leather, Swarovski crystals and precious metal inlay - you can trust us to choose the best of the best of everything and arrange it in a way that you will fall in love with your home or office.

We proudly carry exclusive Italian furniture lines and fabrics, hardware and accessories for all living and being areas due to our high level of collaboration with European manufacturers, particularly Italy.

Our design collection is a wonderful overview of everything that is new, different and original in the field of interior decorating, window treatments and accessories from Europe. New ideas, inspired combinations of materials and unheard of stylistic creations give life to a vast and professional selection of furniture for all living and being areas.

Our precious fabric items, including real animal, reptile or bird leather; gold or silver threaded interleave wall coverings along with furniture pieces using Swarovski crystals and gold and silver leaf inlay project high added value and strong personality.

We have experience with construction projects on complete scale including kitchens, bathrooms and flooring; and we staff teams of licensed contractors for any type of project.

You can trust us to choose the best of the best of everything and arrange it in a way that you will fall in love with your home or office. We invite you to browse our online portfolio and come visit our showroom. Feel free to call us and talk about your project and ideas and we will do our very best to help you.

  • Linea Italia Design Center began its operations in 1991 as a Premier Interior Design and Furnishings Resource
  • Window Couture began its operations in 2000 as a Custom Window Treatments and Home Décor Center
  • Euro Home Expo began its operations in 2007 as a Fabric Superstore and Showroom
  • Style Furniture & Decor began its operations in 2009 as a Design and Retail Center
  • Miami Interior Design began its operations in 2015 as a Custom Boutique Design Service
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Meet Our Team

  • Larisa Krutous

    Principle Designer, CEO

    Larisa started working with fabrics since she was 16 years old. Stitching together high fashion dresses from the Vogue pattern magazines to full featured bridal gown design. Her formal university education is in Architecture and Civil Engineering. She followed her love for fabrics and interior design by opening several boutique couture window treatment shops as well as 18,000 sq. ft. full feature home design center retailing kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and furniture.

  • Alex, Mike, George

    Installation Team

    Our installation team is very well experienced in all types of window treatment installations. Operating under a General Contractor license no job is unfamiliar or too big. Our installation team travels with all of their own tools designed for any job and commercial transport.

  • Genna, Helen, Svetlana, Lina, Julia, Tamara, Karla

    Manufacturing Team

    Our manufacturing team consists of multiple trade experts in many areas. Their expert knowledge and craftsmanship ranges from full curtain and bedding assembly, to custom work required to complete any special order.

  • Vera

    Artist designer

    Vera is the concept in the art world based on impressionism fused with social justice realism. Inspired by the opulent art-deco movement of South Florida, Vera’s art is an expression of love and grandeur. When making the fine balance of feminine features from oil base to chalk, Vera’s creativity knows no bounds. Playfully imaginative with unquenching thirst for the perfect masterpiece. Vera's formal art education is from University of Vermont and The Art Institute of Fort-Lauderdale.

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