Using our exclusive arrangement with the original product manufacturers, we are able to bring furniture lines exclusively crafted after select automotive brands. The signature upholstery, accents and accessory trademarks are reflected throughout the space, reflecting a person's love and appreciation in their expensive automobile collection.

Customers are able to enjoy lounging and relaxing or dining and office settings to admire, enjoy and converse surrounded by a consistent theme of select brands offered exclusively by us.

Our current lines are modeled after Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, and Lamborghini manufacturers. The sleek and seductive collection has need developed specifically to reflect the uncompromising level of design, comfort, luxury and performance embodied by a modern sports car: bespoke frames incorporating wool, steel, and carbon fiber all combined with fine leathers and wools to offer ergonomic and luxuriant comfort to the owner, a stylish and sophisticated addition to any contemporary living space.

We are certain that our customers will appreciate this unique opportunity to create a consistently loyal theme in their display and living space.