Style Furniture & Décor carries furniture lines in Classic and Modern styles to suit all of our clients hospitality decorating needs of high profile hotels and meeting areas.

We specialize in interiors of Artist-Designed, Boutique and Luxurious hotel bedrooms, as well as, Exclusive Lounges and High Profile Meeting Areas.

We are able to work with the hotel designer or provide our own professional design team to implement or supplement a property's ambiance. We want to be as excited about the finished project as the property owners.

As the line between office and social life continues to fade, with more people checking e-mail after dinner or texting friends between business meetings, hotels are taking the cue in redesigning their meeting rooms. Multiple chains are transforming their traditional and somewhat antiseptic meeting rooms into more comfortable lounges aimed at encouraging people to mingle and ideas to flow.

Style Furniture & Décor offers unique lines of very comfortable furniture that project the opulent look needed to make guests feel like royalty, while achieving the high standard of presence hotel owners and management want to create for their guests.