The Throne

Featured Product - The Throne Armchair

The Throne armchair by the Italian furniture company Caspani Tino Group will make you feel like a King or Queen.

It boasts an extra-high back and a high-end look to match. Upholstered in a variety of different precious fabrics, colors and patterns, this regal chair is dressed to the nines – the detail is so luxurious, it reminds us of a piece of jewelry. The traditional silhouette features scrolled and carved armrests and legs, finished in a modern metallic sheen that gives this classic piece some contemporary flair.

The Throne measures: 83in in HEIGHT by 40in in LENGTH by 36in in WIDTH

The structure is made of solid hand carved wood with custom gold or silver inlay. The decoration are made of Swarovski crystals and gems. A custom made personalized logo made of brass is also available to this amazing chair!

This glamorous concept brings the grandeur of the past. The Throne defines a classical style that is full of luxury. This elegant armchair is the perfect idea to maximize your interior decor in classic theme. It can be placed in a theater, fashion restaurant, luxury entrance, gorgeous suite, magnificent salon, waiting room, lounge club, precious reception and in the king palace too.